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Beauty Box 1

40.000 Ft


The box contains one It is followed by a heart-shaped gua sha , which can be used in a variety of ways due to its various peaks. The cosmetic headband is made of elastic, soft, microfiber material and has a velcro closure, so it fits perfectly into all head shapes and sizes. Not only during a facial massage, but also during make-up removal, facial cleansing or using a facial mask, we can apply it so that our hair does not hang in our face or the products do not touch the hair, thus avoiding greasing. The cosmetic headband is available in pink with gold embroidery with the inscription Anfisa Beauty.

One of the most versatile massage rollers is the T-roller , which it stimulates the lymphatic circulation, improves blood circulation, lightens wrinkles, and is also a very good method against dehydration and bloating. The effect of the firming and the elevator is also outstanding. Due to its small size (only 10 cm in length), we can take it anywhere with us, without having to give up its regular use while traveling. The end of the roller has a special design, so we can take out the creams and cosmetics hygienically with the dispenser, we don’t take dirt into the jar.

It is recommended to use the eye roller primarily in the morning, after waking up, as it nicely removes puffiness from under the eyes and generates adequate blood flow around the eyes. Thanks to its special, moving head, it is very easy to use, it helps to get out with simple movements, thus making the skin fresher and more beautiful. The eye roller is only 7 cm long, so it easily fits in the cosmetic bag, we can take it with us on trips. With the dispenser on the product we can take out creams and cosmetics hygienically, so we don’t put dirt in the jar.

Cupping is thought to have been used since prehistoric times, and the technique has a particularly long tradition in China. They have a number of beneficial effects: they increase blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and the removal of toxins. They work the muscles to tighten the face. The silicone product can be applied all over the face, but this type is specifically recommended for the forehead area. The smaller product is suitable for eliminating puffiness under the eyes, draining water and against magpies.

The silicone massage brush can be used to massage the hair follicles, but it can also be used to apply hair oils, ampoules and serums perfectly. It has a direct effect on the hair follicles while causing congestion on the scalp. It is primarily recommended for use against hair loss, but it also has a good effect on the health of the scalp. With regular application, we can find that the hairs become stronger and more vibrant.

Contents of the package:


What you should know about rose quartz:

It is no coincidence that I chose rose quartz, because it is given a special healing effect to this stone: it strengthens the heart and circulatory system, removes toxins from body fluids. He is considered the noblest healing stone, the most important stone of the heart chakra. One of the best energizing stones, it is also called the stone of friendship, love and affection.

It has many positive properties: it is used against anemia, it strengthens blood vessels, heart function, and calms the mood. It is also used for movement and balance disorders to increase fertility, against negative vibrations and energies – even in the form of jewelry.

Tip: The stones always feel colder when they touch our skin, so their refreshing, invigorating effect is immediately felt. If you want to increase this effect, it is worth putting the massage device in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before use!